What Is AES?

Augustine Educational Services advises, educates, and counsels students and families regarding educational choices. Encouraging students' self-discovery and empowerment through the college search and application process. Through guidance, careful listening, collaboration, and planning, including planning for STEM majors.

What Students Think

Wash U

Ms. Augustine played a large role in my college search. She answered the endless number of questions my parents and I had when I was going through this process and was constantly suggesting schools that she thought would be a good fit for me. She made it much less stressful by guiding me through the application process and helping me become a stronger candidate. I am extremely grateful for all the time and effort Ms. Augustine dedicated to my college process.


Glenda helped me find the inspiration I needed to write my college admissions essay. Her thoughtful questions and sharing of her own life story was exactly what I needed to shape my own story.

Johns Hopkins

Ms. Augustine showed me every step I needed to take. I came to her with no idea what I was doing, what schools I would like, or even really what I wanted to study and she was still able to help find schools that would fit my personal and educational needs.

What Parents Think


Augustine Educational Services helped us enormously throughout my child's college process. We met with AES early on when selecting high school courses. Later, we had regular meetings to determine appropriate target colleges that would best match with my child's interests, and met again before college visits.


AES was instrumental in helping my child prepare college applications, and deciding on essay topics. This made the college process seamless and helped to reduce stress. In the end, my child was admitted to some great schools. We were very happy with the process because of AES.